Day 19, Tuesday 25th 2003f November 2003

We will take the gentle scenic drive around the stunningly beautiful Coromandel peninsula, while heading for Auckland, the City of Sails. Auckland is a modern, vibrant city, spanning a vast area, set on 48 dormant vulcanos and bordered by the Tasman sea to the west, and the Pacific to the east. From the estimated 4 million population of New Zealand, approx. 1 million live in and around Auckland. The cool eateries, the innovative arts scene, the bohemian suburbs, ... all prove that living on the other side of the globe, doesn't mean being backwards or oldfashioned. On the contrary! New Zealand is very much ahead of the game. The new trends start here! Of course the skytower is on our list of "must sees", as is the Auckland Museum. Lot's to see and do, so it will be a race against time again to make the most of it. We'll definitely be hopping on and off the Link Explorer busses to get around. Next time we'll need to plan in at least 3 days here.

In the evening we might visit the Galatos lounge bar at Galatos Street.


Coromandel - Auckland

Headed for "the big kiwi" metropolis of NZ, Auckland, of the somewhat 4 million inhabitants of NZ, approx. 1 million live here. Had appointment at 14:00, so couldn't enjoy the scenic drive around the Coromandel as much as we would have liked (rush-rush again ...).

Devonport & Mt Victoria

Stayed at the Scenic Circle Airedale hotel on a corner of the main Queenstreet. Nice art-deco building, modern crisp studio style rooms with kitchenette, cool. Strolled towards ferry terminal, took ferry across to Devonport, did part of historic walk and went to lookout on extinct volcano, Mt Victoria, excellent view of Auckland's skyline from here, managed to get down from Mt Victoria (clumsily ...), strolled through parks and cemetery, lots of beautiful Victorian style houses with iron-lace fretwork.


Took ferry back to CBD, strolled into food court near tourist info, had Asian food, hung around in book store - Auckland has much nicer vibe than Wellington, feels safer and cleaner.


Scenic Circle Airedale Hotel

380 Queen Street
1001 Auckland - (North Island) NZ presents Eyewitness New Zealand