Day 10, Sunday 16th 2003f November 2003

Another long drive ahead of us today, from Twizel, past Christchurch to Kaikoura on the east coast. Kaikoura is reknowed for it's excellent seafood and being the best place for whalewatch excursions. We'll be staying at the historic, and lovingly preserved Old Convent, hosted by Wendy and Marc Launay. Marc is an excellent cook, so we will be delighted to experience his 3-course french crayfish menu.


Passing Christchurch again

The early morning scenic flight of the Southern Alps also cancelled ... cloudy and very windy.
9-9:30 left Twizel, drove passed beautiful glacier lakes (lake Tekapo), saw chapel and statue of famous dog, lots of (japanese) tourist stop just to take a picture of that dog ... Decided to do the gondola in Christchurch (still had the tickets) on the way to Kaikoura.
But, after having lunch in the car at the entrance of the gondola thing, it was clearly much to windy to hang out in a little box from a cable... They wouldnít let us anyway. We waited for a while, and then gave our tickets to another couple who were waiting.

Kaikoura - Old Convent

Drove on to Kaikoura, quite busy on the roads now (long weekend), lots of big cars towing boats... Coming up to Kaikoura we saw, what we thought were dolphins, in the bay.
Stopped along the way at a beach to take some pictures. Kaikoura is a very charming little town, but also very touristy... whale watching, dolphin watching... sailing...
We arrived later in the evening (called ahead) at the Old Convent. Beautiful setting, animals in the yard, beautiful flower garden, rusty Morris Minor, antique sanitary fittings and cosy old fashioned rooms.
Had dinner at Old Convent (local speciality: crayfish - simple meal with vedgies and potatoes, apparently a young new cook from Beijing China). Sat at the table with older (typical) English couple, the man a pensioned a scholar.


The Old Convent

Mt Fyffe Road
Kaikoura - (South Island) NZ


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